Imagier is the duo’s new monographic book that presents drawings, collages images made in recent years. While historically, the Imagier is someone who produces images of all kinds, both murals or on all supports, stained glass, sculptures, or “images” in the modern sense, that is to say representations of various themes, reproduced by engraving and printing techniques, in our case, the word only designates the object: a collection of printed images. The texts of the three authors, Claire Gillman, Jad Fair and Tony Côme, sequence our flow of images and allow us to speak out on the questions that have driven our practice of drawing for almost twenty years. Imagier is co-edited by the Art Center Le Lait which presented our personal exhibition Ficus in 2021 and the artothèque de Caen which presented the duo’s personal exhibition Femme pratique in 2022.

The talk will be held in French. 

A book presentation by
Hippolyte Hentgen (France)

Date: Thursday 8th, June 2023
Time: 19.00 – 20.00
Location: Libreria Stendhal
Address: Piazza di S. Luigi de’ Francesi, 23, 00186 Roma, Italy