Samplerman (France)

Yvan Guillo, aka Yvang, aka Samplerman is a French cartoonist/collagist born in 1971. He started publishing his comics in numerous fanzines in the early nineties and took part in micro published collective projects. Around 2009, he started a shared Tumblr blog “zdnd”, la zone de non-droit (the no-go zone) in order to show some side projects. The digital collages of forgotten and public domain american comics labelled “Samplerman” started there, with continous commissions for comics,    illustrations, Sleeves for LP Record from many countries. Samplerman was awarded the Prix de l’EESI in 2019 during the Angoulême festival. He’s currently working on several forthcoming exhibitions, books and mini comics. He lives and works in Brittany, France. Some of his books are Miscomocs Comics, Fearless Colors, Bad Ball and Anatomie Narrative.