Un Faulduo (Argentina)

Un Faulduo is an Argentine art collective exploring and experimenting around comics. Born in 2005, the group is formed by Nicolás Daniluk, Ezequiel García, Nicolás Moguilevsky and Nicolás Zukerfeld. Alongside an interdisciplinary path that includes visual arts, film, music, comics, performance and literature, the group carried out exhibitions and performances in art spaces of Argentina and Europe. Un Faulduo is, also, the name of a magazine published by the group, which has released eleven numbers. Each issue is led by a different member of the staff, forcing changes in format, content and technique. Un Faulduo published the book La historieta en el (Faulduo) mundo moderno (Tren en Movimiento, Argentina, 2015; Ed. Marmotilla, Spain, 2018), inspired by Oscar Masotta’s essay La historieta en el mundo moderno (1970). Nowadays, the group is developing the project “From now on: El Eternauta”, which re-writes and intervenes the mythical #201 of “Gente” magazine, where El Eternauta (written by Héctor G. Oesterheld and drawn by Alberto Breccia) was published for the first time in 1969.