Dominique Goblet (Belgium)

Through her work as an author of experimental comic strips and visual artist, Dominique Goblet shakes up the codes and systems of the genres in question, while drawing on the specificities of the mediums, in order to enrich the field of possibilities. Between intimate and fiction, she questions the story and the narration, proposes arrangements of random and sequential stories, real dialogues in images, playing with the codes and structures specific to comics. Her published books include Portraits Crachés (1997), Souvenirs d’une journée parfaite (2002), Les hommes-loups (2010), Ostende, Ostende carnets (2022) and Faire semblant c’est mentir (2007). She also made several collaborations, Chronographie with her daughter Nikita Fossoul, Plus si entente with Kai Pfeiffer (2014) and finally L’amour dominical with Dominique Théathe /(2019). In 2019, she chairs the grand jury of Angoulème and 2020 honors her by awarding her the Töpffer Grand Prize and the Atomium Prize for all of her work. She directs the masters in comics and illustration at the erg and at St Luc Brussels.