Morvandiau (France)

Born in 1974, Morvandiau is a comics artist and a press cartoonist. He started developing his art next to his older brother, the author Tanitoc, and gets into business early in the 90s, publishing his work in fanzines, in the cultural and political press in France (The Inrockuptibles, Rock & Folk, Bakchich, Marianne…) as well as in artistic reviews (The electric eye, Scrap, Jade, Ego Comme X, Rabbit, Le Tigre, MLQ…). Morvandiau is the co-founder, in Rennes, of the Festivals Périscopages (2001-2011) and Spéléographies, biennale des ecritures (since 2014) and he is also active as a journalist, an editorial adviser (Le Monde Diplomatique en bande dessinée, 2010) and a teacher at the l’Université Rennes 2. In 2016, he began researching his arts thesis entitled The Art of Smuggling? A cartography of the francophone alternative comics (1990-2015).