Franck Leibovici (France)

Franck Leibovici is a poet and artist whose work is based on found documents (texts, videos, sounds) usually turned into scores. Leibovici’s devices are labelled “artworks-tools” as they are intended to be performed both as artworks and instruments for practitioners whose expertise is situated outside the artworld. Leibovici’s tools have been applied to various contexts : geopolitical conflicts, international criminal law (at the international criminal court) or, in lighter moments, art history and love encounters. His last publications include de l’amour (jbe books, 2019), low intensity conflicts – un mini-opéra pour non musiciens (éd. mf, 2019), des opérations d’écriture qui ne disent pas leur nom (éd. questions théoriques, 2020), exercices (aoc, 2022) and what time is it ? stories about painting, shadows and the sun (jbe books, 2023).