the Reading Sessions

The book selection of these reading sessions unfolds outside any medium-specific rationale. It departs from readily identifiable sets of values or themes that are operative across works, such as sequentiality, literary subgenres, printing and distribution technologies, reading communities or specific markets. The collected material that unfolds through the reading sessions expresses the claim for an unlocatedness of the medium and its perpetual becoming.

This unlocatedness is more than an abstraction: The works operate on the margins of distribution and reception. The artists move beyond the entrenched roles of production and recognition and perform under multiple identities and capacities. Finally, readers, in the absence of critical discourse engage with the works in forensic, and at times unspecified, ways of examination. In the carefully curated reading sessions, the Futures of Comics’ different guests propose to share the reading space of a library to collectively explore in depth a book of their choice.