Feminist Critiques of Comics Histor(iograph)y

Sadly, comics have a longstanding tradition of sexism. Primarily focusing on North American / Canadian comics, we will discuss how sexism has affected the writing of the history of comics (erasing women) and the lack of historiographical discussion in comics. We will also see how contemporary creators (including men), publishers, and readers reflect the rise of feminism (including sexuality) in recent years. Works by: Julie Doucet; Carel Moiseiwitch; Fiona Smyth; Jillian Tamaki; Ginette Lapalme; Hue; Jessica Campbell; Aaron Manzyck; Eric Kostiuk Williams; Eli Howey; Victor Martins; Tings Chak

The workshop will be held in English and is free of charge. Let us know in advance if you would like translating assistance in French or German.

Talk by
Kim Jooha (Canada)

Date: Tuesday 9th, April 2019
Time: 16.00 – 18.00
Location: The Phrontistery
Address: Löwenpl. 6, 6004 Luzern, Switzerland